Fight Psychological Disorders: 4 Eye-opening Facts

An individual’s mental health is equally important as his physical. However, multi factorial reasons act as a cause for several neuropsychiatric diseases. One of the major factors that come into the scene is a decline in the production of melatonin from the small pea-sized pineal gland.

Low secretion of this sleep hormone plays a direct role in exacerbating the mental health. Thanks to the extensive research work, where scientists came up with a solution: M.A.G.I.C P.I.L.L., a real-life wonder healing the lives of many since its discovery.

Yes! With melatonin, millions of people are enjoying an improved mental health. Therefore, doctors put forward to buy melatonin  without a second thought.

Take a look, how these supplements aids in healing various types of mental disorders:

Eases autism associated insomnia

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a prevalent neurodevelopmental state where sleep disturbance is very common owing to the dysregulation of the melatonin pathway. Autistic children who suffer from impaired social interactions and several other mood disorders entail a good quantity of melatonin.

Hence, to cope up with this worsening situation, doctors often prescribe melatonin supplementation for them. Amazingly, intake of melatonin has time and again proved to be a useful key coving a better lifestyle for the autistic kids.

Preventive effect on Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease oft seen in people aging above the mid-60s happens due to the age-associated oxidative damage. Melatonin being a super antioxidant happens to have tremendous therapeutic potential.

Studies say a dosage of 3mg of melatonin for 21 days acts as a good sleep-promoting agent. Therefore, doctors treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease oft recommend to melatonin for a sound sleep. This, in turn, has a direct effect of lessening down the symptoms of the AD.

A great aid to hyperactivity order and anxiety

Anxiety and hyperactivity disorder are common amongst this generation. However, their adverse side effects make one’s life way too difficult to subsist. That’s why people opt for various anti-anxiety medicines to fetch a control on their emotional and physical behavior.

Still, patients suffering from these mental disorders find it tough to carry on their daily activities. Catering to this pathological condition, consuming melatonin through oral administration can remain the best bet. Inducing a proper sleep, this melatonin sleep aid helps in enhancing the outcome of therapeutic drugs.

A good addition to antidepressants

There is a direct connection between melatonin and depression. Lack of restorative sleep is a great way to add extra emotional stress accompanied with poor comprehension.

So, to address sleep issue and ensure maximum efficacy of the anti-depressants, psychiatrists recommend patients having melatonin for clinical depression. However, owing to its vast potential, researchers are carrying out far-reaching experiments to make the most out of these natural pills.

Another added advantage of melatonin supplement is these are from herbal ingredients. So, melatonin sleep aid is not synthetic and are side-effect free. But one must remember, before consuming these tablets a doctor’s guidance is a must.

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